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GNU Terry Pratchett

Never forget those who do their duty as citizens, people of the (world-wide) polis.

Castleridge and drama

I like this even if it's a bit too dramatic for me :D

And, speaking of drama, my parody of Romeo and Juliet is glaring at me. *sigh* I have to get back in the rhythm to twist or rewrite pentameters and I don't hve time now. Story of my life. Wonder why no-one seems to realise that Juliet is the "Top/Dom" in their relationship, prolly patriarchal idiocy. Oh Will how I love thee! Thee and my Jane are the best at this, i. e. at slipping revolutionary things under the reader's/public's radar.

And Equinox

Oxford Castle and a bit of rest. Time to write.

Winter Solstice

In Cumbria, lovely photo, this.

Armistice Day

Armistice Day

Grey rainy sky and silence. Remembrance. HATE each and every war.

Long live Arakawa sensei

Remember the third of October 1911

not as poignant as the 25th of May, of course, but I lovelovelove FMA

AND Silver Spoon so very very much.

And always: GNU Terry Pratchett

GNU Terry Pratchett

See how they rise up?

Late, but too busy to be on time.

I'll never stop loving you, Sir Pterry. (mayherestinpeace) [mayherestinpeas]

22nd Sep, 2014

Moved again. This is my tiny terrace. :D


Who's Who

Regard this photo. Reconstruction of two species of Homo. Which one is the Neanderthal - I know I know, not arsed to write the proper name, we all know what I'm talking about, don't we? ^_- ) and which one is the Sapiens?

 photo Neand-Sapi.jpg

I absolutely LOVE the work done with them.
Vertical mud, incessant rain, earthquakes! Wonderful ways to test my SUV wheelchair to almost destruction on digs, yet I am happy. MPH!
Moved again. All best dig sites are vertical and/or muddy. Vertical mud is my new challenge. Am not lamenting, am actually bragging. XD

6th May, 2013

Rain bloody fucking rain and even my tractor/wheelchair gets bogged and I can't be on dig. GRRRR! Trying to read a new author, but everyone seems to be so very sodding PROLIX and dead boring and all mental-wanker nowadays so, being all reactionary in literature old-lady-like, am rereading Aphra Behn and finally relaxing a bit. Wanna be on dig, though, Art tells me they found some very interesting things. :(

5th Mar, 2013

Been on a fanfic-reading binge, just not to obsess abut our next project and GAAAH! Altough there's a surprisingly high number of well written stories - I mean good characterisation, style, pace, imagery etc. - you can erase the sex scene(s) in 99% of them without affecting the story, plot, style, PACE, chara etc. It's just stuck in without any other sense or reason than to garner readers by porn. Am so bored by porn. *sigh*

28th Nov, 2012

Things are never easy for me, but al long last... vacation time!

Time to read all the books I didn't have the time to read before and get back online just to pass the time. Huzzah!


Work on digs almost finished. Will be home in a couple of days, or weeks - still unsure - when I'l finally start doing the deskwork collating data and writing articles and such.

Me and my tank of a wheelchair-for-work (rough terrain being too much for me poor knees) are fine, if tired; Art is thriving; Art's family can DIAF; my family is fine. Also, maybe it's finally stopped raining. *hopes*

See you.

8th Apr, 2011

What's up with LJ now!?

Anyway too busy arguing with old superannuated academics about Art's site to be online much. Yesterday had a long long LONG yelling match with a bastard entrenched in XIX century theories about the ancient world and came back exhausted. Still am. Grr.
Too much Real Life AAAAAAUGH!!!

Renounced LAS thingy don't have time to eat stole 3 mins to check mail HUNGRY! AUUUUGH!


So I scarcely have time to breathe and yet I signed up for this HUGE interfandom Last Author Standing competition comm.

I love it, the mod-admin is a very hardworking efficient angel and I'm pimping it like a pimping thing.

So to join in the established categories go here and to join to help create new categories (among which are animanga and poetry and other good thingies) go here.

Central hub comm is LAS updates and if you get post notifications from there you'll know everything.

Well, that'a all except... PROFESSOR LAYTON/PHOENIX WRIGHT CROSSOVER GAME YAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!!! and Feenie is in the blue suit and there is MAYA!!! I can't wait, Gyakuten Kenji 2 with De Killer! And Layton and Maya! And, no, I'm NOT hetting those two up, Layton belong to Edgey XD

Am zombie? Who knows?

Yo, back from the dead, quite married thankyouverymuch and alll smily joy joy about it. Was away on Archeological sites with Arturo and escavated a bit as well, though not much because back and knee not suited for lowly - as in bend-double-nose-to-ground-arse-up-in-air - labour. Hence doing all the clercky stuff which was surprisingly un-boring.

Also Art got me hooked on DS game Ace Attorney - see the mood theme - and I found another Bastard-Byronic Hero to love to death, ALSO doing Holmesian stuff. Am hooked for life and just when I was sure I'd only have five - well ok, one I rather loathe, but awful addiction made me play it as well - games to re-play to the death of Life itself, lo! A ray of joy because the 6th ne is on the way, yay.

Will Prolly blab about said game and... yeh, alright, not THE hero of four of them, but he has his own game and and and it's his OWN game who's got to the second installment, yay... Got derailed. Anyway will blab about things as we're in a new home and finally finished moving. Will prolly start own Moving Co. just to save money. Those things cost an utterly ridiculous amount of money.

Bye for now.